Testimonials from my clients

"This course was far more enjoyable and inspiring than I thought it would be.  I am now aware of the different types of fat, food labelling, calorie intake and empty calories and have changed my cooking and eating habits and portion sizes.  The course content was excellent and you were extremely patient, alert to my issues and willing.  Brilliant job!"   Client, 43

"I have lost weight, feel healthier and more in shape.  It’s been really helpful for me and I have learnt so much from the manageable chunks of information.  The course is delivered really well and I would highly recommend it!"   Client, 43

"Katie's passion for food and nutrition has shone throughout my One-Off Consultation.  With a few small changes and incorporating some delicious new recipes I realised we could be eating really well as a family.  I provided Katie with lots of information about us and she took it all in to account.  She was friendly and easy to talk to!  Thank you!"    Client

"I have learnt to eat more healthily, have lost weight, learnt to plan my meals and have improved in confidence. It was great being able to bring my toddler along to our meet-up's and knowing she was in a welcoming and safe environment.  Thank you so much Katie.  I couldn’t have done it without you!"   Client, 29

"This is a very good, thorough programme for the long-term.    I have made changes, gained knowledge, become more organised with meal planning and explored all the other things in my life which relate to food, which has been great!   I have lost weight, reduced my waist measurement and eat a more balanced diet.   It was a pleasure meeting Katie every week in her welcoming home.  Thanks!"  Client, 39

"I am now back to my pre-baby weight and have adopted a much healthier approach to eating.  I have more variety in mine and my family's diet, have cut back on sweet things and have found our meetings incredibly useful.  I feel inspired to change my habits for good and will definitely be recommending you.  Thank you for all your help - you have been brilliant!"  Client, 32

"It was so helpful to get an outsider's view of my lifestyle and get encouragement and support to achieve my goals.  I have gained knowledge and confidence in my food choices and know which things I can substitute for more healthy choices.  I have lost weight and have some good tools to keep me going.  The course content was very useful!"   Client, 35

"I really enjoyed the personal advice and being able to talk about healthy eating as a family.  I now understand how to lose weight, feel better about what I eat and feel healthier.  The text messages in between sessions were a nice touch and you were a great support.  I would definitely recommend the course.  Lovely coffee too!"   Client, 43

"Katie's suggestions based on what our lifestyle is like are much more realistic and actionable for me than a drastic diet.  I have changed the way I shop, am much more conscious of what the label means and the food choices I make.  Katie's recipes are a big help - child friendly and healthy!  And I can still enjoy the foods I like by making a few smarter choices.  I really liked the informal atmosphere, and felt comfortable discussing what I wanted to achieve as a family.  Thank you!"   Client, 30

"I had a brilliant experience with Katie who helped me focus on my overall health and fitness while encouraging me to lose weight, which I needed to do. Over the 8 week programme I lost 12lbs just by eating more healthily with the knowledge given me by Katie and with her support. I never felt like I was dieting and I never felt deprived of food. I have ended the programme looking so much healthier and feeling much more in control of my cooking, eating, and fitness regime. It's not just an 8 week programme, it's a change in lifestyle that will last me forever!"  Client, 56

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