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Conflicting advice about nutrition and forever-changing food trends are really confusing.  How are you supposed to know what to do for the best when the media has a different story every week?  My Nutrition Consultations and 8 Week Programme have been certified by the Association for Nutrition, which means they have been independently assessed by experts in the field.  Whether you want to meet face to face or talk by phone/email,  want advice as an individual or as a family, my Eat Well services can help you benefit from great nutrition. 

I am passionate about making a lasting difference for you, so any advice I give has to fit around your daily demands, budget and food preferences.  Together we can work to identify, and change, your unhealthy eating habits, to plan your food shop better and to increase your understanding of nutrition and food labels.   You might need quick, healthy meal and snack ideas because you work long hours; you may want family recipes and inspiration for making mealtimes enjoyable again; you may want to know about nutrition during pregnancy; or you may want tips for eating well when you are away a lot.  You might want to lose weight and gradually increase your activity levels - we can talk about the best strategies for a healthier lifestyle, without it feeling like you are depriving yourself.  


If you have children, you are welcome to bring them to our sessions – I am set up to occupy them with toys while we chat. 

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